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    Lactopur logistics

    About Lactopur!

    Lactopur Inc. is a division of the Pur Legacy group offering specialized international sourcing, trade finance and transport and distribution logistics services of dairy products.

    Our products include Skimmed Milk Powder, Instant and Regular Full Cream Milk Powder, Whey and Whey derivatives, Dairy Ingredients Blends, Sesame, Hibiscus, Watermelon Seeds, Ginger and many other.

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    Boxes of yellow boxed cheese processing through dairy products manufacturing and packaging facility

    Industrial (B2B)

    Lactopur prides itself on the service it provides to the food industry all over the world. Large and small, the companies working with Lactopur do so because of its ability to find the best, most creative solutions to complex industrial production and international logistics problems based on Lactopur’s staff experience and dedication.

    25 kg Dairy Milk Powder bag with green grass, trees field, white clouds and blue sky


    Lactopur is currently working on several consumer oriented products that will be released soon…

    Group of dairy products including milk, yougurt, shredded cheese, powders, cheddar, swiss, dutch and jack cheese on a cutting board and cheese grater

    Marketing and Procurement

    Turnkey logistics

    The years of experience in the dairy global transport logistics allow Lactopur to provide turnkey solutions that cater to the needs of both supplier and client.

    Marketing Strategy

    Lactopur staff’s thorough understanding of the market allows it to assist in the sales and procurement strategies of its client and suppliers.